About Us

Safer and Higher Quality Workplaces

Our Mission

Our mission is to help organizations achieve improved safety and quality outcomes
with user-friendly, innovative and affordable solutions.

Our History

safety inspection software

We are a Software as a Service  ‘SaaS’ based software company operating since 2012 with a focus on providing both small and larger organizations with the most user friendly  and customizable workplace inspection and safety management software.


Able Audit safety management software was developed by addressing the needs of several different customers to have access to flexible and functional inspection forms. The inspection software can be used for workplace safety inspections or quality audits that translate directly into dynamically created reports and action items that can be managed by multiple users.  The safety management features allow for the storage and sharing of policies, procedures, incidents reports, meeting minutes and training records.


We now offer our standard solution in addition to a fully customized solution that is based on a customer’s specific forms, reports, and processes.


Our unique and advanced features make us the preferred choice for over 400 companies.

Why Choose Us – Able Audit Unique Features

Use One or Multiple Checklists When Conducting a Single Audit

In a workplace safety inspection, a single audit you perform for a location such as an office, warehouse or school may have several different checklists that require completion. For example, there may be the exterior, retail space, warehouse, offices, cafeteria etc. Able Audit safety inspection software allows you to use multiple checklists for a single Audit and combine them into a single location report and action items dashboard.

Automatic Report Creation and Distribution

Standardized reports can be instantly emailed to all your interested parties immediately following an inspection. Your users can directly access results online to update assigned recommendations.

Larger Organizations Control Companies and User Access

If you are part of a larger organization or consulting firm, you can manage 1 or more companies and their audits in separate environments. Control who can conduct or view audits by company, location or department.

Assign and Manage Action Items

Your Action Items can be combined into a single dashboard of all audits, or filtered by your checklist type, location or hazard category.

Fully Branded

The online portal can be personalized to match your organization. White label vanity domains are also available.

Fully Customizable

If your company has your own well-defined process using existing, forms and reports, the workplace safety inspection software is highly customizable to adapt to your specific processes. Historical data may also be imported.

Our Approach

Self Service Option

Able Audit is ready to go immediately with our self service option. Simply select from over 100 of our pre-developed checklists or upload your own.

Custom Option

Contact us for a free evaluation of your current forms, reports and processes. We can duplicate your current process into the Able Audit platform and even look at importing historical data.

Implementation and Service

In addition to our online support and video demos, we are available to help you with any implementation and training needs. Our experts can also help with system integrations.

Easy to Get Started –
No Coding Required!

Get moving on your project immediately with  our simple to use interface.  Upload your own checklists or choose from our library of over 100 samples.

Additional Services

Partner with us to help transform your existing processes
into digital solutions with custom web applications and eLearning solutions.

Custom Inspection Types

Talk to us to review your current paper, excel or digital forms and reports.  We can tailor the Able Audit tool to precisely accommodate your existing or desired processes.

Custom Web Development

Do you have unique web development needs? We put proven software development practices to work for you including business analysis, process improvement, portal development & management.


Talk to us about cross-platform data integration. We have expertise in all platforms for system integration. We can help you protect your existing investments by integrating new solutions into your existing IT landscape.

Training and eLearning

We can work together for a perfect implementation of any process including onsite training and custom elearning development.